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This isn't corporate-run radio. This is fan-run radio. Your participation is encouraged.

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Spring Radiothon 2017

Event Schedule

The actual scehdule is somewhat fluid and is likely to continually shift, even on the day of the marathon -- this isn't our first cat rodeo. If you're hoping to catch a particular guest, we definitely recommend that you check this page regularly and consider it the official source for what's going on.

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10:00 AM Broadcast Kickoff and Pre-Game!
10:30 AM Pres Maxson (Acoustic Stage)
11:00 AM Ben Myers (Acoustic Stage)
11:30 AM Jeff DeHerdt (Acoustic Stage)
12:30 PM Whoa!Tiger (Main Stage)
1:15 AM Chad Mills (Acoustic Stage)
1:45 PM Autumn Androids (Main Stage)
2:30 PM Chris Wilson (Acoustic Stage)
3:00 PM The Sliding Glass (Main Stage)
3:45 PM Alex Franc (Acoustic Stage)
4:15 PM Jason Andrew Brown (Main Stage)
5:00 PM Mark Proctor (Acoustic Stage)
5:30 PM Tied to Tigers (Main Stage)
6:15 PM Brittny Kasprzyk (Acoustic Stage)
6:45 PM The Jeremy Vogt Band (Main Stage)
7:30 PM Jeff Byrd (Acoustic Stage)
8:00 PM The Bobbie Morrone Trio (Main Stage)
8:45 PM Zene (Acoustic Stage)
9:15 PM Awake the Wilde (Main Stage)
10:00 PM Cole Woodruff (Acoustic Stage)
10:30 PM Minute Details (Main Stage)

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Show Notes / Downloads

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Show #290: The Cosmic Situation Returns
Show #289: Moxxie Returns
Show #288: Maravich
Show #287: The Colby Green Band
Show #286: Tracksuit Lyfestile
Show #285: Northern Kind
Show #284: Sugardust
Show #283: Dudes, Tunes + Brews


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