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Show #165: Scott Kern

By: Darrin Snider (darrin at indyintune dot com)
Friday, August 15, 2014 5:00:00 PM

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There's a certain amount of hero-worship that is required to do a show like this, and I've been accused over the years of sucking up to/drooling all over those people who are gracious enough to appear on this show. Yeah, whatever. Maybe there is a small supressed part of me that wants to be on stage, under the lights, with dozens of admiring fans screaming and applauding for my musical talents. Just maybe. I tested that theory a few times this year as keyboardist for "The Mess." Frankly, I'm still kind of "meh" about public performance. It's just not me. Yeah, some people are driven to be the center of attention and have the talent to back it up. I'm not one of those people. You want to know, out of all the guests I've had in 165 shows, who I truly envy and would want to be, given the chance to do a Freaky Friday body switch? Scott Kern -- a guy whose impact on the local scene is immeasureable as both a utilitarian player, vocalist, and first-and-foremost, a producer. Scott Kern -- a guy who has touched multiple cliques in the local music scene. Scott Kern -- a man whom everybody knows and whom no one has an unkind word to say about. Scott Kern -- a man whom many people have said (on this program no less) is my evil twin. There's a singular honor, right there.

During his chaotic time in Studio B, we attempted to delve into a few of the bands he's touched, both as player and producer. We've display his musical diversity. We attempt to crack his eggshell psyche with a barrage of lightning round questions. We even pull in our good friend, Kolo Bell, to assist in these endeavors. Do we capture the "essence" of Mr. Kern? Who knows? Did we have a good time? You betcha. Plus, we now have a reasonably complete set of references recorded for posterity, as certainly Scott Kern and Grover Parido are the two most-frequently mentioned names during the past eight years of this podcast.

Links referenced in the show:

    Scott Kern can be found here: Facebook | ReverbNation | Audiosparx
  • He cut his teeth in a band called Sweet Licks over 20 years ago with Chris Poteet of Spanky's Clubhouse.
  • We need to thank Kolo Bell for sitting in on the co-hosting spot.
  • His current, and most frequent project, is as a guitarist for the band 19Clark25
  • He got that position courtesy of Ms. Cara Jean Wahlers (now Marcy), who appeared on Shows #032 and #087.
  • Their latest project was recorded by Chris Wodoc of the Music Garage.
  • Don't forget OdomFest is coming up. Scott will be recording that from the side of the stage.  There's a secret Facebook group.  You should try to get on it.
  • He is a producer, and occasional arranger/singer for Kilgore Trout, who are represented on Show #163.
  • He is the prodcer for Midwest Contraband, whose track "Helix" from their First Class album is our third featured track on this show.
  • He is also the producer for Jethro Easyfields, who appeared on Shows #054 and #126. His track "Howlin' Mad" from the Elixir album is our final track of the episode.

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