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Show #164: Holly Reinhardt

By: Darrin Snider (darrin at indyintune dot com)
Friday, August 8, 2014 5:00:00 PM

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Of course there opposite side of the coin from people I've been trying to get on the show for years are those people who are so enthusiastic, that they're on the show just a few days after I first meet them, like Holly Reinhardt. I bumped into her Wednesday; she's on the show Saturday. Hardly enough time to download and learn the music, research the artist, root through their garbage looking for the murder weapon, etc.  You have to be at least minimally prepared going into these live sessions, otherwise things can easily fall flat because your entire line of questioning was irrelevant. Fortunately, I had Brad Odom in tow that day -- yeah, don't try to get your head around last week's show being recorder subsequent to this weeks', that's how aneurysms form -- to help me through some of my more brain-dead moment.  The fact that he's very funny and extremely quick doesn't hurt either.  Maybe I should keep him around for a few more.

Can you tell I've done too many show notes postings in a row lately?  I've finally run out of adjectives.  I think awesome, superlative, excellent, and incredible are done.  The rest of my assessment and fondness for  Holly and the Mad Wails is in the interview, but suffice to say, these are two very different sides of the same coin and show an interesting diversity to Holly's music to where I'm sure just about everyone can find something they like on at least one of these projects ... if not both.  Her laid back, witty repartee after a couple of beers in the interview completely belies some of the more heartfelt and serious (and not-so-serious) subject matter covered in her music.  This girl is serious, and you should all do yourselves a favor and check her out.

Links Referenced in the show:

    Holly Reinhardt can be found here: ReverbNation | Facebook | Twitter
  • Her band, the mad wails, can be found here: Facebook | MFT | Twitter
  • Her brother, Max, is the lead vocalist/guiatarist of the band I Dream of Evergreen.
  • Her demo, from which most of the music played on the show can be found, is available on her BandCamp page.
  • It was produced by the ubiquitous Mr. Scott Kern, who produces 47.5% of the excellent music in this city, and whom you will be meeting in a couple of episodes.


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