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Show #180: The Cosmic Situation

By: Darrin Snider (darrin at indyintune dot com)
Thursday, February 5, 2015 5:00:00 PM

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You know, I've always kept an open door and open mic policy in Studio B.  On those days when we're advertising to be on the air, I just put Facebook invites and a physical sign instructing interested people to just walk in.  The policy is, if you're there, and there's an open mic at the desk, then sit down, because you're a co-host.  This probably has never been more thoroughly tested than on this episode, where co-hosts actually outnumber, and probably banter more than, our studio guests, two-thirds of The Cosmic Situation.  It also doesn't help when your guests are Mighty Mia Kileen (on, her first in-person visit to Studio B -- owing to that restraining order accidentally expiring last week); Ben Myers, that funny songwriter guy, and an actual bona-fide stand up comedian, Diesel "Peanut Butter Smooth" Reeves.  Yeah, those kids never knew what hit 'em.

The cosmic Situation is a sharp improv/jam driven group of youthful minds who are currently making a few waves critically, as well as with fans, around town.  What I find particularly fun about this band is how the music has a definitely level of sophistication to it, owing to the backgrounds of some of the players, but at the same time, the traditional lyrical themes of classic rock and roll (girls ... alienation ... et al) it doesn't have the feel of rock music with lofty ideas, but instead projects a very laid back, organic flow to it.  To me the music says, "Take us seriously, but not that seriously."  Basically, I like these guys and can't wait to see where the next project takes them.

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