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Show #033: Jeff DeHerdt

By: Darrin Snider (darrin at indyintune dot com)
Sunday, March 15, 2009 2:30:00 PM

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While I've probably listened to a couple hundred local acts in the past three years, and I always make a concerted effort to research every artist and band that I put on the show, there are only a few local artists whose music I am as intimately familiar with as I am Jeff DeHerdt's.  Therefore, when our Friday night plans to catch a show in Broad Ripple got unexpectedly nixed, it was a no-brainer on how to spend our time instead: Pop downstairs to "Studio B" and record a long-overdue podcast featuring the best of his solo material.   

Jeff was actually one of the first guests on the show with a different band, CA3 -- originally a long, schizophrenic interview filled with all kinds of "music geek" goodness that I had to edit down to 40 or so minutes.  This should have been my first warning.  This time, throwing in three hours of chatting about everything from movies, British scifi, computers, and comic books  before we actually got around to hitting the record button at 11:30 at night, means that I once again ended up with over two hours of raw material and had to spend an entire day cutting out some great, yet completely-unrelated, topics of conversation to get everything to a manageable length.   As such, this show is a lot less formal and much more candid/conversational than what you normally hear around here, though some of the drastic shifts in topic are more the result of my editing than they are any sort of personality disorder or psychic link on the part of Jeff or myself.  Frankly, I prefer this more-organic format, and hopefully, you will enjoy it as well. 

Links referenced in the show:     

    Jeff DeHerdt can be found here: MySpace | Web Site | (Neglected) Blog
  • Both his CD's, Club Bordeaux and The Autumn House are available at CD Baby. 
  • His first appearance on Indy In-Tune was with his experimental electronic band CA3 back on Show #005.   
  • We both struggled during the interview to remember what accolade "I'm All the Friends That I've Got" won.  After a bit of research, we found that not only was it nominated for best song and best album in the 2006 Just Plain Folks music awards, but also got nineteen separate awards on 
  • The fourth segment of the show largely references a survey we and many of our friends took, originally on Facebook, where we listed our fifteen most-influential albums (not necessarily the best albums, but the ones that shaped our musical tastes and had the biggest influence on us).  That survey is now replicated in the members area of, for your enjoyment. 
  • This week's promo is for The Chillcast, which features a great mix of podsafe jazz, world music, electronica, and soul. 

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