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Saturday, September 26, 2009


To say Lost Kauze is a band going through a "transitional phase" may be the understatement of the year.  I've had several bands go through lineup changes since appearing on the show, a couple have since broken up, and in a couple cases, I'm pretty sure I recorded the band breaking up.  Until now, however, the bands have been courteous enough to conduct these transformations after the show is released.  The first part of the interview was recorded shortly after the arrival of Craig Baker, replacing founding member Ty Harden.  The second part, was recorded a few weeks later -- after Craig departed and was replaced by newcomer Hallie Beddis.  Worse still, during that interview, they were in the midst of auditions for still more lineup additions/changes.  At that point, I figured I'd best get this episode out and worry about doing "Lost Kauze, Volume 2" once things settled down. 

Beyond that, Lost Kauze are a bunch of great guys (and girls) who are a blast to hang out with (a band supplied me with beer for a change, how cool is that?) and put together some kick-ass rock music.  Whether you're catching a predominantly cover-based show or one focused on their original material, you definitely won't be let down.

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