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Show #052: Outer Sanctum

By: Darrin Snider (darrin at indyintune dot com)
Saturday, September 5, 2009 7:00:00 PM

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Most people have no idea how much work goes in to preparing an episode of this show.  I suppose music engineer-types do, maybe wives and children of podcasters, and so forth, but not the average listener or band member, I'm pretty sure.  You've got to cut out long pauses, "ummmmms," and "ahhhhs."  There are jokes that didn't work that you don't want to embarrass someone by leaving in.  There are jokes that worked great, but in a different context somewhere else in the show.  Sometimes a question gets finished later on in the show and you've got to remember where that first part of the answer was, so you end up playing the whole show over again.  Then you realize the show is running about fifteen minutes too long so you have to listen to it about three more times (aka, three more hours) to find fifteen minutes of stuff to cut out.  That's all the "labor" part to this "labor of love" I do.  At the very least it takes fifteen minutes to drop in the tracks, slap the background music on, tack the bumpers to the beginning and ending, plus an hour to listen to thing all the way through and make sure it didn't need any more edits.

Yes, there was a point to this mini-tirade.  Time to edit Episode #052, featuring Outer Sanctum: One hour, fifteen minutes.  That's never happened to me before.  This show (less maybe six quick trims of extraneous sentences -- mine, not theirs) is as close to the original recording as one can possibly get.  It even came in within three minutes of the optimal length, and I don't pay attention to things like "time" when I'm recording the show.  The raw interview is as long as it needs to be.

This is the second of three shows recorded during the first night of the 8 Second's Rock Battle on July 31.  Outer Sanctum is relatively new band on the scene, blending their impressive musical ability, excellent songwriting skills, and a strong message of love, salvation, and freedom.  Don't be fooled by that though, this is bone-crunching, "face-melting" hard rock/metal (I grow weary of debates as to what the style really is -- it was "metal" when I listened to it in '83; I guess it's merely "hard rock" to you kids these days, though) that I would put up against any of their peers.  They refer to their first demo EP, heard in its entirety on this episode, as "good enough."  Sort of makes me afraid to hear when they're capable of when they have a full-blown studio and producer behind them.

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