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Show #058: Shadyside Allstars Return

By: Darrin Snider (darrin at indyintune dot com)
Tuesday, October 6, 2009 7:00:00 PM

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Ahhh, festival season.  My favorite time of year -- Wunurth, Muncie Musicfest, The Battle of Birdy's, Oranje, Little Turtle, and my personal favorite (well, now that Circlefest is no more, yeah, THANKS Laura): Kammy's Kause.  Every year at the end of summer, some of the finest musicians from Indy, Chicago, Louisville, and everywhere in between rally behind Jared Hiner (Original State of Mind, Show #027) and help him raise money and awareness for Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome (Chromosome 4p- disorder) and his daughter Kammy.  For me, it's become an annual reunion and chance to catch up with old friends ... like the Shadyside All-Stars, who have kicked off both of our Kammy's Kause series thus far, and once again prove themselves to be the undisputed champions of interview chaos generation.

I'm always skeptical when what is essentially a live, somewhat improvisation-based band goes into the studio to capture their sound in a recording.  Invariably, phrases like "paired down" and "specially arranged" get thrown out, which usually translate to "removed the magic moments" and "took out the energy."  This is not the case with the debut CD from Shadyside Allstars -- possibly because they had more magic moments and energy than the average band when they went in, I'm not sure.  Their debut CD is an excellent representation of what these guys are capable of in a live setting.  While it can never equal the enjoyment of attending the spectacle of their live shows (and maybe putting a little of your hard-earned money into "Head") it's great for those cold late autumn/early winter evenings when you're home alone because the Allstars are on their holiday break.  It's definitely worth clicking on the link below and ordering yourself a copy.

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