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Sunday, April 11, 2010


As Indy In-Tune approaches its fourth anniversary next week, it's nice to know there are still new things to try and new directions to take all of this mess in. Case in point, this week's show -- the first in what will hopefully be a number of "Artists Present" episodes -- we let a former guest who has a special insight into a particular band take over hosting and direction of the show for an entire episode. As if that weren't enough, this is also the first show to be recorded in "Studio A," via a remote hookup with a band in an entirely different state, so please forgive the occasional fade-out in the audio. Finally, this is, quite obviously, the first episode of Indy In-Tune to feature a game show in the middle of the interview, a tradition I'm thinking we might have to keep, or at least expand on, in future episodes.

In addition to all that fun, we get four great tracks from the Blaire Reinhard Band, an east coast quartet that is about to embark on a mini tour of the eastern half of the United States in support of their latest album, Steps on the Ceiling. This brings them to Indianapolis to be reunited with their old fried Pres at Birdy's, along with Indy In-Tune's own Jenn Cristy, and ... well ... you get the idea -- mirth an merriment all around. As for the interview, Pres obviously carries on the torch of crack journalism that you've come to expect from this show. Sure we could have had the band tell us what it's like to be on MTV ... or how it was sharing the stage with the Gin Blossoms ... or what a rush it must be to have your music be the theme song of a network television show ... or how it is trying to break into the music business your own terms when you're the grandchild of a living music legend. Really though, you can get that information from any major music industry rag. When push comes to shove in the editing room, you were really more interested in learning which Beatle had an iron constitution was not lactose intolerant, are we right?

Oh, trust me it's funny, just go listen to it.

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