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Show #077: Glass Halo

By: Darrin Snider (darrin at indyintune dot com)
Sunday, August 29, 2010 7:00:00 PM

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Despite what you may have been reading on our Twitter page, through automated announcements programmed a month ago, Indy In-Tune is off it's Summer hiatus and gearing up to bring you some great music and interviews through the rest of the year. The first thing I did when deciding it was time to get back in the swing of things was to go through the stack of correspondence I had accumulated over the past several months. One of the bands that was high on my "short list" was this week's featured act, Glass Halo. I first became aware of Glass Halo last year when they played to a packed house and ended up winning the Battle of Birdy's. I had been in contact with bassist Dave Grodzki via Twitter and drummer Jason Kuykendall via Facebook trying to put this all together, but finally it was Stacy Basner of Finer who got the meeting nailed down at the historic Melody Inn, where Finer was hosting an evening of great rock and roll with several local and regional acts.

Glass Halo is a perfect example of how dogged determination and a little business savvy will take you a long way in this business -- of course it doesn't hurt to have some great music and talented players in your band, which they most certainly have as well. With two EP's, a full-length CD, and a live CD in their catalog, soon to be complimented by a brand new single in the next few weeks, these guys have repeatedly demonstrated their ability to consistently put together snappy, in your face, rock songs with memorable riffs, catchy lyrics, and enough energy to keep you hooked and wanting to hear more. Add to this a killer live show that has made waves both locally and regionally, and you've got the secret formula that has proven to win over fans and earn the respect of venue owners and fellow musicians alike. Trust me, if you haven't gone out to see these guys play, you're definitely missing a great time.

Links referenced in the show:

    Glass Halo can be found here: Web SiteMySpace | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube 
  • Their latest CD, The World Through Different Eyes, is available for purchase on their website and iTunes.
  • Drummer Jason Kuykendall appeared on Indy In-Tune Episode #010, nearly four years ago, with his previous band, Great Scott.
  • They cite Bandalism: The Rock Group Survival Guide by Julian Ridgway  as being very influential in helping them manage the direction of the band.
  • The CD was recorded at Russian Recorded Studios by Mike Bridavsky.
  • You can catch clips of them recording their latest single, Stalker Girlfriend, on their YouTube channel.
  • They acknowledge and endorse the inventory at Chateau Thomas Winery as being very inspirational in the creative process.
  • Come to think of it, they also like PBR.
  • This the first of three shows recorded at the historic Melody Inn:  Next week, Stacy Basner takes over the big chair and interviews The Post Script for us.  She will be back on Show #080 with her own band, Finer, to complete the trilogy of shows recorded that night.
  • You can catch Glass Halo on Septeber 9 at Birdy's for the Shady 80's Show to benefit Riley Childrens' Hospital.
  • Glass Halo's music has also appeared multiple times on the Mothpod, one of my favorite podcasts from fellow Indiana podcaster, Zack Daggy.  I meant to play the promo we have for him, but realized it is somewhat outdated, plugging older shows, and leaving out his latest projects such as the Midnight Spookshow and his horror series, the Dark Worlds Trilogy.

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