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Show #103: New Finland Radicals Return

By: Darrin Snider (darrin at indyintune dot com)
Friday, August 26, 2011 5:00:00 PM

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I always thought there was something to the New Finland Radicals.  Sure, the music isn't exactly mainstream, but it isn't so far off the beaten path that it's inaccessible.  Their talents as musicians and composers (I'll use that word here in lieu of something as simplistic as "songwriters") is not in question.  Their production skills show imagination and creativity, and their ability to try new approaches and incorporate new styles into their music is certainly an asset.  They're well loved by fellow bands and usually have no trouble winning over at least a few fans in a crowd that may not have heard of them before.  So, why aren't these guys bigger than they are?  Well, after looking at how far they've come in the two years since they were last on, I'd say they're getting there, and dammit, I'm going to keep inviting them back until everybody sees my way on this.

I had a lot of fun the first time I met TNFR.  After recording the show, we sat around and talked for another hour or so, at least, completely commandeering the jukebox at the Alley Cat in Broad Ripple (much to the grumblings of the patrons, who just didn't get the intricacies of Asia's progressive pop sensibilities, I suppose).  Contrary to popular belief, I rarely get the chance to geek out about music with the guests on the show.  Generally they've got to play a set or trot off to their jobs, or what have you, as the guys did this night.  Fortunately, as is typical with second interviews, we got the chance to do it on mic this time.  Also, as is typical, we had to edit out a lengthy discussion of the merits of Yes and Styx for fear of alienating the majority of our audience.  If anybody wants to hear that discussion, buy me (or the New Finland Radicals) a round next time you see us and we'll be sure to talk your ear off about our passion for pretentious prog rock.

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