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Show #123: Black Market Binary

By: Darrin Snider (darrin at indyintune dot com)
Friday, October 26, 2012 5:00:00 PM

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Obviously I pretty much live for new music, especially live music, and most especially live music from people I know on a personal level. I say "obviously" since why else would anybody do this for almost seven years? This week's guest, Black Market Binary, holds special significance for me since, indirectly, it turns out Indy In-Tune is partially responsible for the genesis of the band.  Angela Jackson, a drinking buddy of mine and regular performer at one of my favorite open mic nights, heard local band Thursday Book Club on Indy In-Tune Radio, and when she saw them play live, used this as an "in" to strike up a conversation with one of their principal songwriters and producers, Ryan Gibbons.  A few weeks later, when that band went its separate ways, Ryan and Angela began a collaboration that was in a slightly different direction for both of them, but led to a great first set of tracks and put them well on their way to putting out their first full-length album.

While it's equally exciting to get a new band in to Studio B to do their first interview, it also makes for a rather free form conversation, since you can't really fill an hour with stories from a band that has only been together for a few weeks and has never played a live gig ... there just aren't a lot of stories to be told.  Combine that with the fact that Angela and I sort of devolve into giggling teenagers after a couple of beers, and next thing you know I owe Ryan a huge apology for completely trampling on half of the really intelligent, insightful things he had to say.  Still we got a really cool glimpse into their process, a great feel for the dynamic personalities at work in this band, and best of all, an exclusive live-in -studio version of "On the Horizon" to add to our "Monday Night Live" collection ... I promise, it's coming.

Links referenced in the show:      

    Black Market Binary can be found here Facebook | Reverb Nation | Twitter | Tumblr
  • You can stream all of their tracks via the Reverb Nation, Bandmix, and SoundCloud pages.
  • Ryan is best known for his work in Thursday Book Club.  Angela is a regular at Kolo Bell's Open Mic at Claude and Annie's Fishers, aka "Studio C."
  • The two met during a TBC performance at Sam Ash Music.
  • Ryan and I share a love of the music of Jeff DeHerdt (Show #033, Show #100).
  • Ryan is influenced by the musical philosophies of Henry French
  • Wanna make your own Plate Reverb?  Maybe it's easier to just get the Studio 1 plugin.
  • It's entirely possible that Angela is Mansuper's alter ego.  She wears glasses, and they've never been seen in the same place at the same time.
  • Here's a freaky coincidence.  Ryan is enamored with ELO's Xanadu album, while I regard their Time album as one of my top ten favorites of all time.
  • Angela recently got to meet Garfunkel and Oates -- the band; not the famous guys.
  • What do you think?  Mia Kileen, Angela Jackson, Rocky Rodriguez in an all-girl punk band?  We need a female bassist. Anybody know any?
  • Angela's husband, Jamie, is currently the drummer for another excellent new band you must check out called Swig.
  • Colin Hay ... next time you come through Indy, call us.
  • And finally ... North Face licensed distributors of the BMB Cockscarf?  Don't ask.


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