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Show #131: Marvin Parish

By: Darrin Snider (darrin at indyintune dot com)
Thursday, December 6, 2012 5:00:00 PM

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I've recently discovered that, although I am obviously a severe music geek, I am an even bigger radio geek.  I come to this conclusion after someone pointed out that, even though I have paid subscriptions to various streaming music services that pretty much guarantee I can listen to any song, commercial free, whenever it strikes my fancy, and what do I actually listen to?  Community Radio out of the north of England.  Why?  Because they still have awesome programming and the type of disc jockeys who are passionate about the material they present.  (Oh, yeah, and they banter with me over the Internet sometimes during the show, which I have no idea how to even get the local stations to acknowledge I exist, much less plug my website the way those guys often do.)  Every since I was eight years old and huddled around my desktop radio, or playing "radio station" with a shoebox tape recorder, I've had a real love and admiration for the "real" radio personalities. 

Marvin Parish, to me, is one of those personalities.  Yeah, sure, he's a top-tier singer/songwriter/guitarist steeped in the rock, blues, and folk/Americana genres with a collection of great tracks in his repertoire (four of which we play on this show).  Obviously, he's got some shared as well as some unique struggles like every other frustrated original musician in this city (a few of which we discuss during this show).  To me, though, he'll always be the guy from WKLU who, way back in 2005, set up a remote at a little dive bar on the south side and ... *gasp* ... interviewed a local band and ... *ohhhhh* ... played their music ... right in front of my buddy and I.   

What the hell?  You can do that?

Links referenced in the show:    

    Marvin Parish can be found here Web Site | Facebook | Reverb Nation | MySpace
  • Co-Host Johnny Lyles can be heard in the background of several early shows. He is best known as the host of "The Stage" open mic night and the Free Beer Express -- airing Sunday nights on Indy In-Tune Radio.
  • Marvin was one of the hosts, along with Joe Johnson, of the Whiskey Brothers' Homegrown Rock Show on the "old, good WKLU."
  • His first solo album, Brown County Serenade, Volume 1 features The Lazy River Band backing him up.
  • His second solo album, Brown County serenade, Volume 2 is mostly Marvin with a few touches by Carolyn Dutton, Tamera Lane, and Claire Lane. 
  • Both albums are tributes to the people of Brown County, particularly those that frequent his open mic at the Brown County Inn.   They can be purchased from his Reverb Nation page, or from select locations around Brown County.
  • Our first question came from Tim Spainhower, who idolized Marvin's acoustic Gretch guitar.  Also from the internet was local bassist Darren Brush.


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