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Red Moon

General Information

Red Moon
Artist Name: Red Moon
Genre(s): rock,reggae,pop
Years Active: - Present

Band members:
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current member.)
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Red Moon, out of Indianapolis, IN, has been growing and evolving musically for over four years now. While their line-up has shifted, their focus on writing and performing inspiring music for their listeners has always remained constant. Started as an acoustic trio, they have since evolved into a powerful quintet, with a sound as big as their desire to share the music they make. That sound, while difficult to describe or assign to any specific genre, draws from many different influences including classic rock, reggae, and Latin music, giving them a unique and fresh, yet still familiar sound. The five members Cory, Robby, Jeff, Lee and Nick draw from a variety of musical backgrounds and experiences, all of which help contribute to a creative formula that is unquestionably their own. Recently, Red Moon has been working to expand their fan base throughout Indianapolis, Chicago, and other surrounding cities, where their exciting live shows, characterized by a mix of free instrumental jams and tight grooves, have begun to stir up a buzz that will only continue to grow. Friendly and always receptive to fans, it's very easy to see that Red Moon is just four average guys, doing what they love to do. Their new release "Look Around" celebrates their passion for their music, as well as the variety of moods and emotions they are able to convey with their sound. Check out their tour schedule to catch a live performance, and you can also sample their music on MySpace,, and iTunes.


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