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Steve Elkin

General Information

Steve Elkin
Artist Name: Steve Elkin
Contact: steveelkin - at -
Years Active: 7 - Present

Band members:
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Steve Elkin - Guitar/Vocals
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I've never written my own bio... so this is weird for me. I grew up in Cloverdale, Indiana and dropped out of High School going into my Junior year. I ended up moving to Indiana to play with a local Hardcore band "Lift/Godtrip' and that didn't really pan out. Fast forward a couple of years... I got my G.E.D. I was delivering pizza and was literally living out of my car all over the city & with friends from time to time as well. I started playing guitar on the sidewalk for car payment money. I did that every weekend for 3 years. I ended up meeting my now wife who pretty much took me in. 6 years later - I'm now the proud owner of a Bachelors Degree from Indiana University's School of Informatics: New Media Arts & Science Program. Nonetheless, I studied Audio/Video Production. I had the opportunity to make a full length album for my capstone or thesis if you will... and now since I have the time... and the record.... and Now I'm trying to promote myself and the album.


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