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Artist Name: Judgement
Genre(s): rock
Years Active: - Present

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From a world controlled by corporations protecting their interests, international governmental struggles for supremacy, religious leaders bent on spiritual conquest all the way down to mankind's personal lusts and desires, Judgement's "Sacrifice the Weak" is a scathing indictment of the human condition. "When we first started writing new material after releasing our last album, the first few songs were somewhat disparate," says Nate Wright (guitarist). "But as the writing process went along and Steve (Coen, vocals) brought in the lyrics, the overpowering theme was this idea of abuse of position to gain or exert power over another person, on different sizes and scales." As this idea was discussed among the band, it became part of Coen's vision to tie the songs together and expand even more on the idea that seemed to present itself. Coen says, "One of the last songs I wrote lyrics for was "Sacrifice the Weak", which kind of tied the whole thing together with the idea of a corporate controlled world. It brought the more personal aspects of some of the songs to a higher level with a broader outlook on the world and the direction it seems to be heading." Coen is not far off the mark, as the songs "Victim" and "Predatory" revolve around the idea of one person taking another life because of a lustful desire to have that power over another while "Face Down" is written from the viewpoint of the oppressed finally overcoming the oppressor. As the scope widens, Coen's lyrics bring to life these same ideals on larger scales, be it spiritual power struggles in "Revelation" to Hitler's rise to power and accompanying atrocities against humanity in "Black Wings." And finally, interpersonal power struggles are dealt with on "Silent the Insane".


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