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General Information

Artist Name: Jayali
Genre(s): Hip-Hop
Contact: manager.jayalimusic - at -
Years Active: 2008 - Present

Band members:
(Bold indicates
current member.)
Jayali: MC,Writer, Producer, Performer, Engineer

Rachel Awoyemi: Personal Manager and Event Coordinator
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Jayali's Bio:
My name is Chinedu Patrick Onye. I go
by the name Jayali, which stems from the
word Jali. Jalis were known in West Africa
for their ability to tell stories in the form
of rap. They are seen as some of the first
"rappers". Since both my parents are from
Nigeria, I feel the title is fitting. I rap, I produce,
and I write. I do all of my behind-thescenes
work under the company HiGuys
LLC "Pioneers of Sound. Producing Culture."
My team and I work closely, managing
the entertainment produced at this company.
My hands touch everything. I handle
all of the production, but I also help with
camera work, graphic design, engineering,
and recording. I also write all of the lyrics
for anything coming out under the name
The most recent project I've finished is
my 5h LP, "My Man Mixtape". I've been
creating, writing, and performing since I
was 11, and started producing my own music
at age 18. I became interested in rapping
because of the standard of the art form that
I saw coming up throughout the nineties.
Being part of the generation that saw a flood
of content streaming through the digital
revolution came the realization that artistic,
musical, and lyrical standards were being
lowered with hip hop and the production of
I was in love with Kanye West's production
ability, but found that not many others
had that quality. I've also been influenced by
producers like "Just Blaze," "Dilla," "Primo,"
"Large Pro," "Decompoze," "A-Trak," "The
Neptunes," "No ID," and then the coming
of "40". Encouraged by the quality of these
artists, I decided I wanted to make my own
music. I taught myself how to use the music
program Reason, and how to engineer. I
believe that "My Man Mixtape" displays the
growth from a novice to a seasoned

Rachel Awoyemi and Jayali (Artist/Manager Brief Bio):
I, Rachel Awoyemi, am owner, and event coordinator and personal manager of Jayali who is a revered Hip Hop Musician in Bloomington, IN at Alpha Pack Records LLC. Jayali is an owner, writer, lyricist, performer, producer, and engineer at Alpha Pack Records LLC as well. In addition to Jayali and I being an artist and manager team and business partners, we as well founded a promotions and marketing company entitled Festiuvs Marketing Group LLC where we offer services in event planning and coordinating, artist booking, graphic design, and promotion and marketing for businesses of all types.


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