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John "Shecky" Mills

General Information

Artist Name: John "Shecky" Mills
Genre(s): rock,punk,funk,metal
Years Active: 1997 - Present

Band members:
(Bold indicates
current member.)
John Mills - Bass, Guitar, Vocals, Keyboards, Programming, sequences/samples, Drums etc.
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From the Hoosier roots in the mid nineties, Shecky was a bass player in bands that wrote and performed original rock, punk, funk and metal. After some time in garage bands, Shecky attended the Recording Workshop in Chillicothe, OH. While continuing to hone his craft as a songwriter / bassist, Shecky worked as a live sound engineer for touring acts and local bands. It was in early 2001 when Shecky started to release original material and work his way up the ladder of the recording industry. Today Shecky is currently the bassist for Nashville recording artist Jason Sturgeon. He tours with the band all over the country while still writing and producing original material both of his own and other talented artists in the Indianapolis area.Shecky works in conjunction with the incredible local recording studio Azmyth Recording. And that is Shecky just getting warmed up!


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