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Local music from all genres and scenes (many times picked and presented by real live humans), original programming, locally-focused podcasts, and live interviews with local artists and community members coming at you around the clock right to your phone or other internet-connected device. Learn more ...

Podcasts and Archives

Over ten years of interviews with movers and shakers from the Indianapolis music scene. Meet popular bands before they became big; rediscover bands that no longer exist recorded back in their heyday, and enjoy endless laughs and fun recorded all around the city. Learn more ...

Local Music Blog

A collection of album and show reviews, humorous essays, helpful tips, and insightful editorials from our crack staff of writers. From the front row or back stage, we'll bring the experience to you. Learn more ...

Other Resources

Everything you need to build expertise in your local music scene -- a database of bands and venues, links to purchase great music, directions to essential information for artists, and cool swag to show your colors. Learn more ...

We're Excited About ...

Special Presentation #01: MP Cavalier Meets Martin Barre of Jethro Tull

In the first of what we hope is a new series of special presentations, MP Cavalier interviews guitarist Martin Barre about his upcoming 50th Anniversary of Jethro Tull tour, featuring Dee Palmer and Clive Bunker. (read more...)

I'm a Local Musician, What Do I Do?

Don't panic, we'll make this easy.

  • Register yourself or your band in our artist database
  • Add your gigs to our local music calendar
  • Submit your music to be played in our radio rotation
  • Book yourself for an live on-air appearance / podcast
  • Add your new release to our on-line music store
  • Submit yourself for consideration on one of our live showcases

Our Other Projects

But, wait! There's more!?

  • Local is Our Genre

    Our supplementary podcast. Essentially, people (at least two) sitting around talking about music-related things. Music marketing, music history, music news, music business, music acts we just found, etc.

  • Moss Steiger's Rooftop Antics

    Live from your favorite neighborhood watering hole, an hour of live madness best described as Late Night with David Letterman, if it was on 1970's AM radio instead of 21st century television.