Types of Advertising Available

Shout Out
Underwriting Announcement
Commercial Spot (Supplied)
Custom Live Commerical
Live Endorsement
Custom Commercial -- Produced
Endorsement -- Produced
On-Location Broadcast
Show Naming Rights
Studio Naming Rights

Rates vary additionaly based on type and location of business, frequency of ad, duration of ad, and exclusivity requirements.

Prepackaged Campaigns

We have a variety of time-tested, pre-packaged campaigns that take your message beyond simple advertising spots and incorporate social media blasts, web announcements, and special entertainment programming. These packages are ideal for ...

  • Venues wishing to announce their lineup on a weekly basis
  • Artists looking to promote new releases
  • Promoters looking to plug a special show
  • A major event/show looking for a red carpet broadcast or show simulcast


Let's build a relationship and help each other out

Founder, host, and executive producer of Indy In-Tune, Darrin SniderWhile we operate Indy In-Tune purely as a hobby and labor of love for our local music scene, and continually criticize corporate run radio that knows little about music except how to optimize and squeeze every last drop of blood out of it, the fact is that there is quite a bit of expense involved in keeping this little enterprise up an running. Because of this, we do offer, and occasionally fill, a select number of sponsor, underwriting, and endorsement spots that are made available to certain classes of organizations.

While we don't have the largest audience, really only a fraction of what terrestrial radio or print has, there are some very significant advantages to advertising with Indy In-Tune.

  • A very specific audience. According to our last demographic survey:
    • 90% live in the Indianpolis area.
    • 82% frequent locally-owned bars and restaurants at least twice per week
    • 80% are between 20 and 30 years old.
    • 70% have at least some colledge education or are currently attending college
    • 67% are single
  • A very engaged audience. Listen to one of our live broadcasts and pay careful attention to how many texts, tweets, Facebook posts, and call-in's, we receive in a typical afternoon. Unlike other, similar outlets, Indy In-Tune is about active listening and participation, not merely background noise while you're doing something else.
  • Our twice-annual live radiothons from Sabbatical were some of the busiest days of their year.
  • A very locally-focused audience. For ten years we have preached the "Locals Love You More" mantra, and encouraged patronage and support of local brands, art, and music over larger, homogenized, corporate equivalents. Our audience is constantly sharing new locally-focused finds with us and each other.
  • A more-effective platform for your message. Whether you are interested in a one-time on-air endorsement or a fully produced commercial spot in 24-hour rotation, you can be assured that our audience trusts us and that your message will be heard, not burried in the din behind six other commercials during the third commercial break of the hour.
  • Our twice-annual live radiothons from Sabbatical were some of the busiest days of their year.
  • A connected audience. Because Indy In-Tune streams via the Internet, we can guarantee you, with a 95% certainty (give or take) that our listeners will be near a computer or mobile device and can immediately visit your web page or other call-to-action upon hearing it.
  • A flexible platform. We are open to simple shout-outs, to non-salesy underwriting, to full blown in-your-face produced commercials. (You can even say four-letter words if you think it helps your product and message.) You can bring in material of your own, or we can work with you to write and produce original spots specifically for Indy In-Tune.
  • A cost-effective solution. We offer up-front pricing for standard packages or we can custom-quote a package that fits whatever budget you want to work with. Most people we speak to are surprised to find that a basic advertising package can be less than they spent on lunch that date. In some instances, we've even bartered goods and services in exchange for advertising space (dont' tell anyone about that though).
  • Still need convincing? The Indianapolis market currently contains 25 major Arbitron-rated radio stations, with another 30 or so specialty stations or stations from surrouding regions that can be heard in at least part of Indy. Despite this stiff competition, for the past four years, Indy In-Tune, its staff, and its events have consistently been nominated for best in category awards in NUVO Newsweekly's "Best of Indy" poll.

what Next?

If you need more information about any of these offerings or packages, have any questions about how we do business, or just want to get to know us a little better before you decide whether or not we're the right people to trust with your brand in an ongoing relationship, drop us a line at marketing -at- indyintune -dot- com, or call the studio hotline Monday through Friday, 8 to 5, at 317.489.4175.

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