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Artists Current on the Indy In-Tune Radio Playlist

This page provides an incomplete list of artists who are currently featured in rotation on Indy In-Tune Radio. For the full directory, use the alphabetical index to the right (or down below if you're on mobile).

If you don't see your band here, that means one of four things.
   1. We haven't added you yet. In which case remind us.
   2. We don't know about you, and you need to submit your info to us.
   3. We have't gotten permission to play your music, and you need to let us know..
   4. You're probably very cool, but you're not from around here.

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Today on Indy In-Tune

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It's Hard Rock Thursday!

12:00 AM: Random Access Music
6:00 AM: Artist Spotlight
7:00 AM: Whiskey on the Rails
8:00 AM: Work Safe Weekday Music
6:00 PM: Artist Spotlight
7:00 PM: The Rock Show (Hard Rock / Metal)
10:00 PM: Local Is Our Genre
11:00 PM: Artist Spotlight

* Schedule subject to change without notice. Sorry, but that's rock and roll.