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General Information

Artist Name: Upshot
Genre(s): funk,soul,rock
Years Active: - Present

Band members:
(Bold indicates
current member.)
Marvin Hawkins -- drums
Jared Manker -- bass
Andy Ohlrich -- violin
Momma Sass -- vocals, guitar
Matt Zimmerman -- guitar, vocals
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Alright, so long ago, in a land far, far away called Los Angeles there was a girl and boy named Mama Sass and Z and they had all these fantastical ideas about playing music and moving people in a positive way. They started writing songs and everything and it was great but still there was something missing. Low and behold one day the Mank Stank calls Z outtadabloo and they start talking about music, as many conversations pertain. Eventually Mank Stank decides to make the tumultuous journey from Sinsinasti all the way out to Far Far Away. Once he got out there everything started to change. They started recording and playing out at all these cool places. Still there is a need for a drummer to round everything out. Marsman Martian, an old friend of Stanks just so happened to be out in L.A. for a week and called up his rhythm section cohort. So they all spent a day jammin' and it was good.....real good. Some time passed and another was added to the line up and everything seemed as though it was finally coming together. Unfortunately Far Far Away is far from the musical mecca that it used to be back in it's glory days. It's become the Basken Robbins of what people say is hip and so the kitty and all the cats with dogs in tow decided to make their way back to Sinsinasti. Once they got back everything was rockin' and a rollin', rollin' and a rockin'. They were playing out all the time and were doing really well till one day the Big Bad Wolf came into town and blew the house down. Pretty much all that was left was the foundation. That was enough though to get everything recentered and back on the yellow brick road back to Atlantis. After much discourse and reevaluation the core 4 decided to pick up where they left off and on Dec 21st 2008 recorded what they had set out to do a year earlier. Still though with half of the band in Sinsinasti and half of the band in Indians & Apples coordination of shows is a little hard. They are currently working out all the details though and should be starting to play out soon enough and they most certainly can't wait to get back up on stage and rock for those who want to (and are about to) rock cuz we salute you!!!

Podcast Appearances:

Show #30

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Fulcrums and Fine Lines


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