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The Indy In-Tune Archives

The Indy In-Tune Podcast
Where it all began. Over 300 archived interviews with local artists, many of whom have long since disappeared or moved on to bigger things.
Our frequently-renamed supplemental podcast covering everything from the business aspects of music to the history of Indianapolis music. Currently it's just us talking to people we think are cool about music and media.
Listening Parties
Your favorite local releases as you've never heard them before. Artists debut their newest material live on the air, and discuss each song, track by track.
Radio Replays
Formerly Indy In-Tune After Dark. A collection of Saturdays past where, not having a guest to anchor us on a topic, the random misfits pretty much go freeform and waaaaay off script.
Mini Concerts
Exclusive recordings of select live shows taken from PodConcerts, Shine Local Music Spotlight, Shine on the Rocks, Monday Night Live, Radiothon, and more.
Studio Exclusives
All in one place, a collection of preformances recorded in Studio B, some of which never made it to air and have never been heard before.

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Today on Indy In-Tune

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It's Fresh Meat Tuesday!

12:00 AM: Random Access Music
6:00 AM: Artist Spotlight
7:00 AM: Brother Brother Beercast
8:00 AM: Work Safe Weekday Music
6:00 PM: Artist Spotlight
7:00 PM: New Music Tuesday
10:00 PM: Blind Pig Confessions
11:00 PM: Artist Spotlight

* Schedule subject to change without notice. Sorry, but that's rock and roll.