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Artist Name: Coolidge
Genre(s): rock,punk,pop
Years Active: - Present

Band members:
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current member.)
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Indianapolis-based rock band Coolidge delivers high-energy, original, pop/rock. Imagine the upbeat, reggae-influenced sound of The Police meets the power pop/rock of Cheap Trick and add a dynamic horn section. Then, you would find something like Coolidge!

Chris Smail, long-time guitarist and singer of ska/punk road-warriors Johnny Socko, founded Coolidge as a power trio in the early 00's, with Matt Beaumont on drums. Since then, former Johnny Socko members Matt Wilson, Charlie Krone, and Josh Silbert have joined in providing bass guitar, trombone, and saxophone, respectively. These long-time friends and bandmates have well over 2,000 shows under their collective belts.

Coolidge's first two full-length albums were released on Triple R Records--"Center of the Universe" (2004) and "Pop Star Baby" (2008) and draw from a wide range of influences, yet present a focused, aggressive, and highly addictive musical offering. Available now, their 3rd album, "The 5 Best Songs in the World, Vol. 1", makes broad use of the reunited horns.

Do you miss driving rock that makes you feel good when you sing along? A Coolidge show plants melodies firmly into your mind. You will be entertained and you will be tapping your feet long after you've headed back to the car! "Coolidge rocks hard, driven by power packed melody." -

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Show #324

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