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This isn't corporate-run radio. This is fan-run radio. Your participation is encouraged.

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    Want to get your music played on this station? Follow our submission guidelines.

    Note: All music on our podcasts and streaming is played with the generous permission of the artist(s) in accordance with the guidelines above. If you find your music being played in error, please contact us for immediate removal from rotation.

    Today on Indy In-Tune

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    It's Acoustic Monday!

    12:00 AM: Random Access Music
    6:00 AM: Artist Spotlight
    7:00 AM: The Chris Brake Show
    8:00 AM: Work Safe Weekday Music
    6:00 PM: Artist Spotlight
    7:00 PM: Acoustic Monday
    10:00 PM: Brother Brother Beercast
    11:00 PM: Artist Spotlight

    * Schedule subject to change without notice. Sorry, but that's rock and roll.

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