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Project Bottlecap

General Information

Project Bottlecap
Artist Name: Project Bottlecap
Years Active: 1998 - 2005

Band members:
(Bold indicates
current member.)
revious Members: Pat Simms - Vocals | Jasin Wayne - Guitar & Vocals | Brad Walters - Guitar | Alex Bond - Drums | Terry Sharp - Bass | Adam Derloshon - Bass | Daniel Hill - Drums & Guitar | Brad Moore - Guitar & Drums | Brandon Robertson - Bass | Jeremiah Stevens - Drums | Jason Allender - Bass
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Hailing from Indianapolis , Project Bottlecap was formed in late 1998 by singer Pat Simms and guitarist Jasin Wayne (Thomason) (ex-The Ataris). By early 1999 the band was taking their infectious mixture of punk, pop and indie rock to every bar, club and basement in the Midwest. Taking inspiration from bands like Jawbreaker and Samiam, Project Bottlecap spent the first three years developing their live show and recording various demos. In early 2002, they hit the studio to record their first, self-released full length, Days and Seconds. The release of the album was followed with a short west coast tour in support of The Ataris and Breakdance Vietnam. In late 2002 the band signed with Skeptic Productions (owned by members of the metal band Harakiri) to release their sophomore full-length, Saving Rock 'n Roll. The albums 2003 release was followed by overwhelming critical acclaim in magazines coast to coast. With stronger national distribution and promotion, Project Bottlecap hit the road again, this time headlining a trip to the west coast. What was later dubbed, "The Black Cloud Tour" was the start to the end. The band had returned from a tour plagued with crisis after crisis and instantly began working on their third album that would be called, "The Divine Current."
The day the music died.... Friday, February 25 2005. Project Bottlecap made the decision to seperate, following the departure of second guitar player Brad Walters. The band reformed for a hurricane Katrina benefit later that year that Jasin Wayne had organized.
Fast forward four years, fall of 2009 gives birth to speculation of a "rebirth" of the group. "Project Bottlecap was a chapter in the lives of all involved. It's time to move on to a new chapter."
The Divine Current is here... check out Fake Sinatra for more details!


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