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Project Hero

General Information

Project Hero
Artist Name: Project Hero
Contact: projectheromusic - at -
Years Active: 2005 - Present

Band members:
(Bold indicates
current member.)
Nathan Snyder-Guitar/Vocals
Sean Beeker-Guitar/Vocals
Matt Johnston-Drums/Vocals
Dan Gugenheim-Bass
Katie Thompson-Keys/Vocals
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Project Hero sends you on a journey no other band can. Through memorable riffs, unique hooks, three-part vocal harmonies, and creative storytelling, the band stands firm on the premise that rock music can be entertaining and meaningful again. Although the lyrics often paint a picture of a fictional world, the origin and meaning of the words are deeply rooted in the reality of primary songwriter Nathan Snyder's life. The best way to define the sound of Project Hero would be to say that they incorporate the epic song-writing of bands like Muse and Avenged Sevenfold with the accessibility of Foo Fighters and Green Day style rock. This is evident in both their March 2010 release Climb a Ladder Into the Sky, and in tracks from their forthcoming album New Era, due to be released in November of 2010.


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