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Rusty Bladen

General Information

Rusty Bladen
Artist Name: Rusty Bladen
Years Active: - Present

Band members:
(Bold indicates
current member.)
Multiple band members, sometimes including Jon E. Gee and Dane Clark from John Mellencamp's band.
Related Bands: (unavailable)


Real, homegrown rock and roll. That's how you describe RUSTY BLADEN, a true entertainer with a knack for engaging a crowd. His music is genuine, with a powerful kick that always leaves you wanting more. He is sincere and heartfelt with no apologies and no regrets. Rusty has released 7 CDs on his independent label, River Road Records. "Ride That River," the title track to Rusty's 5th CD, was recorded with John Mellencamp band members and featured in the soundtrack of the MGM major motion picture "MADISON". Performing with his band or acoustic solo, Rusty never fails to light up a crowd. For more info, go to


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