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Jethro Easyfields

General Information

Jethro Easyfields
Artist Name: Jethro Easyfields
Genre(s): singer/songwriter,rock,folk,Americana
Years Active: 1985 - Present

Band members:
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Songwriter since the age of 10...fearless and fantastic... Jethros music is a unique blend of roots music. It has been described as a folk, blues, country, rockabilly and punk hybrid and has an edge in the songwriting and texture. Jethro is well known for his live solo performances where he has perfected a unique style from years of busking on the streets all across America. Jethro is a one-man band with intense flat-picking, foot-stomping, guitar peg strums and howling vocals and harmonica. Jethro has a very down to earth, straight forward, never look back vibe about him that draws listeners from all walks of life to his performances. Easyfields style blends a variety of genres, many of them collectively forming what has become known as American Roots music, that is, distinctly American musical genres like country, bluegrass, and blues. Whether performing solo or with a band, Easyfields culls his sound from all of the above, at times throwing in some rock and even punk leanings to keep the brew interesting. .....A FELLOW SONGWRITER'S VIEW of JETHRO EASYFIELDS..... A Jethro Easyfields performance can entice you to throw chairs across the floor. Inspire you to tap dance and snap on the edge of the world. Make you cry blue tears in a blue lit room. Compel you to scream and holler at your drink and your own soul. He has an innate conscience and recognition of honesty and bravery in the creation and the performance of music. He has the unique combination of an absolute and complete drive of self - and - an instinctual generosity around a stage and studio. He has an ear equally as talented as his hands and voice. He has songs that for a moment land - and always take off in search of chaotic perfection. He has an unwavering trust in the instrument as a vehicle to integrity. He has a commitment to a solely contained, yet eternally undefinable vision. He has a starving focus that is defiant, aloof, clear, sharp and in color. He has a sound that is old and new - rock and liquid - smooth and jagged - floating and moving - all at the same time... I TIP MY HAT. I REFUSE TO STEAL. I REFUSE TO HIDE. I LISTEN. I HEAR. I PARTICIPATE. I BELIEVE. Owen Neighbours 1/2005.....

Podcast Appearances:

Show #54

Show #126

Show #254

Show #341

Featured Releases

Eat Your Heart Out

The Outland


Fairhope Near the Bywater


The Po Boy Chronicles


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