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The Jerkwads

General Information

The Jerkwads
Artist Name: The Jerkwads
Genre(s): punk,hardcore,garage
Years Active: - Present

Band members:
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current member.)
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The Jerkwads were founded by Jordan "spitt" Jerkwad, Mitch Jerkwad, and Jerky Tony back in 2005 when part of a punk rock show bill needed to be filled and volunteered to play with Kelly from Dead In Marseille on drums. Soon after Jordan, Mitch and Tony got together in a garage with Eric Vicars formally from the Dirty Buttons They wrote the main riff to faceless nation at their first practice. Eric soon left but then Brandon Jerkwad Came up and it all clicked. They threw a few songs together for a very bad show . Their friend Nick filled in on drums and Brandon sat most the show out except banging out some choruses on "Sex and Violence" by The Exploited. The show left a little bit to be desired from the Jerkwads. Some inner band arguing and a couple spats continued on after that show.
The Jerkwads, for a little while, were disbanded. They were brought back together by seeing The Jabs at the Emerson theatre with Sloppy Seconds, Dead In Marseille, Nadafinga, and the Two Bit Terribles. Differences were reconciled and The Jerkwads got back to practicing...but since Jerky Tony left the band (to play in the hardcore metal band If I Die Tomorrow) they needed a bassist. Thankfully Brandon was multi-talented and picked up his bass. There was a short search for a drummer before we found Austin The Jerk at a Flatfoot 56, Bolth, and Mercury Radio Theatre show. Mitch left in early 2007 and Dustin D-Wad stepped up and filled his shoes.
The current lineup is Jordan Jerkwad, D-WAD, Brandon "lil bit" Jerkwad, and Austy-poo jerkwad. The Jerkwads will continue to play Non-Denominational Punk Rock and Roll as long as their bodies allow. The Jerkwads take influence from all different kinds of music, punk rock and try not to exclude any one type of music or person from inspiring their sound. They choose to love all forms of music and support all local musical acts with all their hearts. They also love to type biographies in the third person.
The End.

REVIEW OF THE 38th St EP "The amazing thing about local music is that the people putting it out are on your level. the places, people, and anger portayed in this cd are very real to me. Not to say you wouldnt love this cd if you werent into punk, 16 and 17 and involved in the indianapolis scene. The Jerkwads are great for two reasons, One: They rock the oldschool sound instead of playing new shit and Two: they dont try and imitate West or East coast punk they stay true to their roots and play kick ass midwest style punk. The first four songs are fast and hard with a slower song at the end to give you a breath (something i really appreciate about their live perfromances) "38th and illinois" the ending track is about hanging out with friends in indianapolis, it's slower and unlike their other songs has a mike ness feeling in the guitar and the vocals. I love this cd and cant wait till the album comes out, be sure to get one, also the recording quality kicks bootie, JS from bolth is god. -Sybilla

Review of our Last Emerson Show- Second to take the stage was the Jerkwads. This group was my favorite overall. They blended strong vocals, heavy drums, and a classic rock and roll attitude. Their chemistry stood out. They successfully matched the rough sound of one vocalist with the melodic sound of the other. To their credit, the Jerkwads had the most distinguishable lyrics and guitar, making it easier to enjoy the music.,_09/20/06/ Gus Stoughton


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