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Urinal Mints

General Information

Urinal Mints
Artist Name: Urinal Mints
Genre(s): punk,rock,comedy
Contact: finncade - at -
Years Active: - Present

Band members:
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If the Ramones and the Sex Pistols were an alternative response to the super-group wankers of the 70's, then the URINAL MINTS are a reaction to the quagmire of suck that is music today. Can you remember the last time you actually had FUN rocking out at a show instead of wondering why the hell you were even there? Do you recall the last time you seen something on stage that really caught your attention?

The Urinal Mints are he re to bring you the ROCK when so many other bands are content to just stare at their feet or practice their phony rehearsed moves like street mimes on Adderall. This does not mean that the Urinal Mints are above smashing guitars, beating the crowd with dildos, and giving on-stage lap dances, but at least it's real. A Urinal Mints show makes you feel it's really all right to laugh AT the band instead of shaking your head later.

The URINAL MINTS are always hard at work! They are currently in Plinko Studios, writing all new material for a full length 12" vinyl release! This vinyl will be very limited!

The band never stops! They are currently scheduling Midwest shows, and will be doing a few select dates with the Milan Italy based Greedy Mistress this summer. This will only add to their long list of shows they've played over the last 10+ years, including the three-week Reacharound the World Tour, where they played for very receptive crowds in six European countries. They have also been on five US tours, with two of those tours as the opening act for the Dave Brockie Experience (featuring three members of GWAR).

In 2005, the Mints were chosen to play the Ernie Ball stage of the Vans Warped Tour, and the Midwest Music Summit, both in Indianapolis. Yes, it was one of those fucked up contests, and they never asked one person to "please vote for them", because they only had 14 plays. It was the judges who picked them. That's pure gold right there, baby. The band has played 300+ shows sharing the stage with over 500 local to international artists.


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