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Phoenix On The Fault Line

General Information

Phoenix On The Fault Line
Artist Name: Phoenix On The Fault Line
Genre(s): rock,progressive,alternative
Years Active: - Present

Band members:
(Bold indicates
current member.)
James C Sweeney- Guitar/Bari Guitar
Chip Strohs- Guitar
Big Andy- Drums
Ocho Barnderas- Drums
Jon Ball- Bari Sax
Darby- Trombone
Tony Ferreira- Vocals
Johann 51.2- Bass
The Prospect- Trumpet
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Also known as P.O.T.F.L.

Phoenix on the fault line is a 9 member rock band from the year 3317A.D. The group combines multiple drummers, groovy bass, screaming rock guitars, mean whiskey spittin horn players with melodic vocals that tend to tell the tale of triumph in a distant dystopic future. Some call them an army. They simply call it a metric ton of rock.

According to members it all started sometime in the year 3317 A.D. After they found a flying Steampig buried in the polar ice & then commenced to beating some alien ass. After that they folded time back to 2007. The events that have taken place since have been shrouded in mystery and myth by the band.

There have been reports of show sightings all over the Midwest from Illinois to Pennsylvania. Some of their songs have gained attention from radio play on stations in New York, Michigan, Indianapolis, Illinois and as far out as the United Kingdom. In August 2008 the band opened for Fat Lady Music's Egypt Central on their Indianapolis tour date. They played at the Launch Festival in Lancaster PA. In 2009. The band was a part of several showcase events sponsored by Indianapolis radio station X103 in 2010. In late 2010 they opened for Bright Antenna rockers, Middle Class Rutt. Then, in February of 2011 Phoenix on the fault line opened for Valiant Thorr & CLUTCH in a sold out event. In May of 2011 the band opened for Victory records, Taproot.

Phoenix on the Fault line is combined of nine musicians dedicated to making rock music with meaning. They have a unique blend of rock styles, horns and melodic vocals that draw a wide variety of listeners. Their stage presence during live shows is energetic and fun for the whole audience. In a well-orchestrated fashion they intertwine the driving beats of multiple drummers, groove bass, rock guitars, blazing horn players, with powerful clean vocals. Once engaged in their music, you will get the clear idea that these rockers are fueled by a desire to write, record and perform music with purpose. Their music and lyrics seem to have many cerebral layers.

The band has released two albums with plans to release a third sometime in late 2011. The new project tentatively titled Basement of the coliseum.


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