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Thursday Book Club

General Information

Thursday Book Club
Artist Name: Thursday Book Club
Genre(s): hip hop
Years Active: - Present

Band members:
(Bold indicates
current member.)
Dan-O (vocals, MC)
Skee tha Menace (MC)
Ryan Gibbons (guitar, vocals)
DJ 27 (beats, other ill shit)
Related Bands: (unavailable)


Hailing from the north side of Indianapolis, Thursday Book Club is a collective of artists representing several different genres.
Dan-O, MC and vocalist, is the front man in the Indy punk rock scene staple One Punch Knockout. He was also a member of the Naptones, a very popular reggae band out of Indy. Dan-O brings both experience and multiple musical talents to the table.

Skee tha Menace is a newcomer to the scene, but has been in his own project studio creating for several years. His delivery is silky smooth, recalling Chronic-era Snoop Dogg.

Ryan Gibbons is a local artist that has been a regular performer in the Indy area since 2007, and was active in Evansville for several years before that. Most recently, he was featured performing guitar and ukulele on the Warner Brothers release from Aimee Allen, "A Little Happiness."

Bringing it all together is DJ 27. 27 is very active in the local underground Dub-Step scene. His production and turntable chops are the tie that binds this diverse collective together.

Thursday Book Club is hard to describe, and the music is the sum of the parts that contribute to it. When you hear them, you may laugh, you may cry, and you might even get on the floor and dance.


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