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Awake the Wilde

General Information

Awake the Wilde
Artist Name: Awake the Wilde
Genre(s): rock
Contact: awakethewilde - at -
Years Active: - Present

Band members:
(Bold indicates
current member.)
Vocals/Rhythm Guitar - Alex "Blu" Roth
Lead Guitar - Bill "Wild Billy" Eckhart
Rhythm Guitar - Brock " Cheese" Lucchese
Bass - Sam "Sammy G" Griswold
Drums - Daniel Guajardo
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Awake the Wilde is a band apart. Formed inside a concrete basement in Suburban Indiana by Cheese, Wild Billy, Sammy G and Blu. The original four would get together as much as they could to allow creations catch fire. Soon, between these stone walls, birthed a band of four strangers united by music; each of their own style and substance. Week after week the band would flesh out songs written by Blu as each member added his own panache until the air was visceral and each piece of sound found itís place in the aural portrait. Finally, after four or so years, three without a drummer,found a light. Since that gracious night, the band began to grow after each practice as they learned each otherís habits and instincts. Now, they have solidified into a catalyst of rock-hop-funk-pop blues, so that even in a generation electronica, Rock Ďn Roll will never die.

Podcast Appearances:

Show #238

Featured Releases

Concrete Catharsis


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