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Lost Kauze

General Information

Lost Kauze
Artist Name: Lost Kauze
Genre(s): rock
Years Active: - Present

Band members:
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current member.)
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We started this band from 2 friends from school and the help of MySpace search, now we have 3 guys that love music and are all good friends! LOST KAUZE Indianapolis, Indiana Gary Glover bass guitar Tim Fitzgerald backing vocals & percussion Kevin Foster lead guitar Contacting Lost Kauze 317-430-7317 OR www.myspace/lostkauzeband Born in the great American tradition of the garage band, Lost Kauze is an innovative band that is constantly evolving and discovering itself. Start with Kevin Foster on lead guitar, and you'll hear beautiful and consistent classic rock riffs that take you to all the familiar haunts from the Eagles to Poison. Throw in the no nonsense base playing of Gary Glover, who drives the band upward and onward, and you've got a trio born of creative rock necessity. Add the pure talent and showmanship of drummer Tim Fitzgerald, who literally provides the heartbeat of the band, and you have the foundation of a purely inventive and entertaining rock band. All that was missing was a strong voice to lead the sound over unexplored horizons.Together, this band of passionate music lovers are transformed into Lost Kauze. A band for all ages and all tastes. Indeed, they will carve themselves a distinctive path in the annuls of rock history as they continue to grow and evolve for years to come...

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