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Yukon Fox

General Information

Yukon Fox
Artist Name: Yukon Fox
Genre(s): rock,folk
Contact: - at -
Years Active: - Present

Band members:
(Bold indicates
current member.)
Caryn Creviston -- vocals, keyboards
Grant Gorman -- guitar, vocals
Olivia Laird -- drums
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Yukon Fox is a delicious musical trio consisting of Grant, Olivia, and Caryn. We are based in Indianapolis. After several years we have come to be just us three, and are delighted to announce our debut album 'Yukon Fox'. We look forward to sharing our love for music with you!
Integrating raw passion, working class honesty, and channeling vast arrays of musical influences, power trio Yukon Fox from Indianapolis, IN bring a fresh dynamic and original sound to the independent rock world. Featured members Olivia Laird (drums/vocals), Grant Gorman (guitar/vocals), and Caryn Creviston (keys/vocals) share a mutual love of various rock and folk acts from the 1960's-1990's, which has helped blaze the trail over the last year and a half for the release of Yukon Fox's self-titled debut. Meshing harmonized vocal melodies, Yukon Fox create atmospheres that are both filling and captivating. The primary focus for this band has revolved around well-crafted lyrics, innovative structures, and integration of effective writing styles of past decades.

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Show #97

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Yukon Fox


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