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General Information

Artist Name: Whoa!Tiger
Genre(s): rock
Years Active: 2008 - Present

Band members:
(Bold indicates
current member.)
Jack Barkley -- vocals, guitar
Gregg Jones -- guitar, vocals
Erik Nelson -- drums
Eric Tullis -- bass
Terry Valde -- keyboards
Eric Wood -- percussion
Dan Janke -- guitar
Jon Knight -- guitar
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We play an eclectic set of original rock music, with tastes of funk, blues, pop-rock, reggae and alt-country tossed around for good measure. Something for everybody!

Each member of the band comes from different musical settings -- Jack, the jam band scene; Dan from pop-rock to alt-country; Erik from R&B and hard rock bands; and Eric, straight up rock with an affinity for prog rock. We took all those influences and play what we like -- dynamic rock that's not redundant, and keeps listeners interested and on their feet.

Any fan of gutsy rock-n-roll and storytelling lyrics should find plenty to like in WHOA!TIGER. Inspired by the classic album-oriented bands of the 70's, we write contemporary original rock music, with a decidedly old soul.

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Podcast Appearances:

Show #35

Show #75

Show #128

Featured Releases

No Asterisks

All Them Notes

The Rollout

Long Road to Reason

Truth Serum and Forgetfulness


Upcoming Dates

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