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Show #071: Podcast Battle 2010 Wrapup

By: Darrin Snider (darrin at indyintune dot com)
Saturday, February 6, 2010 7:00:00 PM


It's finally time to see who is the best. To find out if all those months of preparation will finally pay off when you take it head to head with some of the greatest players out there. To gather in front of some of the greatest, most-loyal fans out there and see if you have the skills and single-minded determination to take home a historic championship that is coveted by everyone, but achieved by only a few.

But enough about the Colt's being in the Superbowl tomorrow, let's talk music.

I'd been wanting to do this for three and a half years, pretty much ever since I first started Indy In-Tune and saw what Kevin and Dorn were doing with the Constant Columbus podcast. It took a few years, and a chance meeting with Joanne over at Blue Square Sound before the idea looked feasible, and even longer to get all the pieces in place. But, just a few short months later, here they are, the top ten bands in the 2010 Podcast Battle of the Bands, as chosen by you, the fans. I'll warn you now, if you haven't yet listened to this show, and you enjoy the suspense, you should probably do that now before reading any further. The battle itself was joined by 21 artists who submitted 47 tracks which were voted on by 285 fans to come up with this list. In addition, we had a few generous sponsors who put up prize packages of their own, which became additional "category based prizes" as determined by a panel of independent judges. This gave us the best of both worlds: The popularity-contest-style competition, plus an impartial and mostly-objective competition.

The podcast deals the former, but let's take a minute and look at the later: We had three judged categories this year.

Best Lyrics: Winner: Jeff DeHerdt for "I'm All the Friends that I Got." Runners Up: Tim Spainhower for "Reasons Why" and Jenn Cristy for "Betty." Jeff wins a live photo shoot courtesy of Nick T Photography.

Best Acoustic/Solo Performance: Winners: Tim Spainhower for "I've Come to Learn" and Branch Gordon for "That's What She Said" (Tie). Runner Up: Jamie Nichole for "Missing You." Tim and Branch will split the bill on a night of live music sponsored by Claude and Annie's Fishers.

Best New/Emerging Artist: Winner: Catch Curtis for "She's a Lemon." Runners Up: Goliathon for "Guilt of the Faultless" and Stagnant Pools for "Livid Livin'." Catch Curtis wins an in-store performance from our generous sponsors at Indy CD and Vinyl.

I'll let you listen to the podcast to get the rest. Once again, thank you to the artists who believed in this idea. Thank you to the sponsors who made this a reality. Most of all, thank you to the fans and supporters of the local music scene, without which none of this would have ever gotten off the ground.

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