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Show #032: Indianapolis Songwriters Cafe and the Big Roots Show

By: Darrin Snider (darrin at indyintune dot com)
Monday, March 2, 2009 7:00:00 PM


This week's show is one that I've been looking forward to doing for almost a year now, ever since I was first introduced to the Indianapolis Songwriter's Cafe and the music of Cliff Snyder.  This week, rather than playing their own music and talking about their approach to the creative process, Cliff and Cara Jean Wahlers discuss their efforts to promote songwriter and roots-based music in the Indianapolis market as well as the challenges that face musicians who play the type of music whose audience is not the normal bar-hopping party crowd that frequents the clubs and other live-music venues.  They also talk about the history and future of the Indianapolis Songwriters Cafe, the Big Roots Show, and the other special one-off shows they feature throughout the year.

In addition to a thoughtful and informative interview, Cliff and Cara Jean bring along five tracks from five different artists, all of whom feature prominently in the shows they manage and promote.

Links referenced in the show:   

  • Cliff Snyder can be found here: MySpace
  • Cara Jean Wahlers can be found here: Myspace / Reverbnation.
  • The Indianapolis Songwriter's Cafe can be found here: MySpace / Web Site.
  • The Big Roots Show can be found here: MySpace.
  • Krista Detor, who performs the first track, "Steal Me a Car" can be found here: Web Site / MySpace
  • Joe Pug, who peroforms the second track, "Hymn #101" can be found here: MySpace / Web Site.
  • The Big Roots Show is sponsored by Bulter Scion of Indianapolis
  • The recently-reformed Sindacato, fronted by Frank Dean, performs the third track, "Nothin' There," and can be found here: Web Site.  They also have several albums available on CD Baby.
  • The fourth track, "It's Love," is performed by Cristabel and the Jons, who can be found here:  MySpace.
  • 19Clark25, who performs our final track, "Anne Rice Sucks," can be fond here: MySpace.
  • Cliff Snyder mentions the Royal Theater in Danville, IN as one of his favorite places to play.  The theater has a very interesting history which they detail on their web site.
  • Indianapolis Songwriter's Cafe and the Big Roots Show will soon be featuring guests from such artists as:  Stacey Earle, Steepwater, Backyard Tire Fire, Deacon Sean and the Bar Brawlers, and These United States.
  • Special thanks to Locals Only, one of my favorite local music venues, for allowing us to record there once again.
  • Because I'm too lazy to unpack the studio gear this week, I've reused last week's windy/pop-laden outro.  However, fellow Indianapolis podcaster Zack "The Mothman" Daggy and his many projects found at are well worth another mention, in my humble opinion.

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